Partnering a successful franchising business

Attaining market leadership in any industry needs constant commitment, perseverance and ambition. Apart from these three attributes you would need to build reliability, honesty, integrity and transparency in your business activities. Satisfying customer needs and providing a service exemplary would hold you in good stead, and the World being a small place you cannot play truant and expect to be a successful business.

Jim’s Group which is built on the strong pillars of more than 3,200 Franchise holders covering the length and breadth of the Australian continent and spilling over to four countries is on an unshakeable foundation. With more than eight million households and two million registered business enterprises, in Australia, we are looking into the future and planning to widen our base and increase our service strategy.

We are offering an unprecedented Business Opportunity to those who have good man management skills, a passion to succeed, a commitment and drive to achieve what others find impossible and above all to satisfy customers whom you service.

In return we will provide you and your staff with comprehensive training, system management, infra structure development and continuous marketing and advertising support. Our Franchising business partners at present have a very clean sheet when it comes to customer complaints, clocking on an average about one per year, which speaks volumes for the type of customer service we offer. We would like our new partners to better it by maintaining a zero complaint record.

Our Cleaning Franchise took wing in 1994 and has grown to dizzy heights and today is a speciality cleaning service in high demand. Last year we had 4,500 un-serviced leads and would like to share our success with others who are committed like us.

We are offering unsecured finance facilities for the first time, to Franchising prospects, along with a dedicated territory, stationery, business registration and support through all the stages of the complete process.

Once you have joined hands with us you will not think of putting a Business for sale notice to divest your interests in this business because you will be working for you and what you do is for you. We do not have hidden charges or royalties, and our comprehensive agreement that you would sign will include everything upfront.